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Women's Empowerment Month

March is an exciting month to embrace being a woman! Women's empowerment month is the month to celebrate what women have done to make the world a better place and what they have brought to the table! Ladies, we are so powerful and we came along away. There was a scary time when women didn't have a lot of rights especially to vote or own businesses. Now women have been so ambitious about what they want and it's so exciting. Women today are owning businesses, getting more degrees, becoming CEOs, taking over the medical field, etc. The world needs women because we are such a huge asset to any team and we create life. We deserve recognition, respect, and love.

What is Women's Empowerment month?

Women's empowerment is to shine more light on Women's history month. It to bring awareness to gender equality to make ideal choices to better their lives. It also brings awareness to the history that women have brought over the years to fight the rights to vote, respect, etc. The skincare industry always brings some light to this every year to shine the light on women-owned skincare brands.

Exclusive Beauty Club background

Exclusive Beauty Club is owned by women! We are known for making you feel confident in your skin inside and out. We empower you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin. We cater to various types of skin types and tones.

Skin Care Brands that are Women-owned

Jan Marini

Jan Marini herself is the founder of this brand. It is known for transforming your skin and your life. She has done her research to make sure her products work and work well. She's done her research to make sure her clients love the skin that they are in and she assists them in any way she can. Jan puts her products at such a high standard to put your skin at a high standard. Jan Marini wants to bring back confidence in women.


Nuface was founded by Carol Cole, a licensed esthetician that began her journey in 1985. After hearing the same aging concerns; sagging skin, wrinkles, loss of contour, etc, she decided to take action. She started to specialize in micro facials and traveling to LA to service her clients that had those concerns there. Once she realized the demands, she and her daughters created Nuface to tend to those needs of women who had those concerns. Nuface was launched so clients can use it in between their visits from their facials.

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty was founded by Rose-Marie Swift that wanted to create a clean, healthy luxurious brand. Their main goal is to have the highest quality ingredients in their products because their clients deserve the best. Each product in their collection has a combination of the highest performance and superior clean feeling. This brand has been active for 11 long years and still going strong.


Jen Atkin is the founder of SLIP. Slip is known for its luscious mulberry silk pillowcases and eye masks. This brand focuses on making your nighttime routine as luxurious as possible. Mulberry silk is great for protecting your skin and hair from damage as it keeps it moisturized. It has been very popular over the years in the beauty industry because it just wants that clients need to go to sleep happy.

Face Halo

Lizzy Pike is the co-founder of Face Halo, who became an amazing problem solver for the busy working woman. She wanted to find an easy way to remove her makeup more efficiently. She had a 15-year background in fiber technology to help her create a solution for a make-up remover that is non-toxic and not harmful to the environment. Face Halo works with cold or warm water to start. The water helps loosen the makeup from your skin and makes removing the makeup from your pores easy. It does remove any that is trapped in your pores and keeps your skin healthy. The best thing about this brand that is it not abrasive to the skin to remove makeup, it's so gentle.

Soon Skin Care

The founders are Lisa and Kyla. This brand wants to bring innovative Koren skincare around the world. To them, skincare is an act of honoring your body. When experiencing their products they want you to experience the most forthcoming products with the highest quality ingredients, From their hydrogel face masks to their lip patch masks. They created each product with care so you can be treated with care.

How to empower yourself?

Empower yourself by taking care of yourself and your skin. Once you take care of yourself, you will begin to have a positive insight into yourself. This will help bring out your confidence in yourself. Confidence comes from within and then comes out. Begin writing down and saying good things about yourself. This will boost your confidence in doing the things you have been wanting to do for a long time. If you want to start your own business, do it. If you want to start your practice, do it. Now it is time to plan what you want to do and take action on it. Your journey starts with you and the support will follow soon after that. Empowerment and confidence start with you.

During Women's empowerment month, ladies make sure you honor themselves, your sisters, and mothers. You deserve every bit of honor because you have worked so hard for it.