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Tips for Growing Your Lashes and Eyebrows

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? When people look at you, they tend to pay more attention to your eyes. Lash and eyebrow has had such a buzz in the beauty industry. It's great to have fabulous skin but it's even better to have fabulous lashes/eyebrows. If you are not into the falsies like most women, that is fine. We got you the tips you need to take care of your lashes/eyebrows to maintain your natural beauty.

Why aren't your eyebrows or lashes growing?

There are many reasons why your eyebrows and lashes are not growing as long as they should. Genetics can play a huge factor in thickness and growth. If your parents don't have long hair in general, most likely you have inherited that as well and you can't help that. Over manipulation can prevent your lashes and eyebrows from growing much. Getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded too often can damage the hair follicles and prevent the hair from growing back.

When applying mascara on your lashes can be damaging as well, especially when you overdo it. Over layering your lashes with mascara can cause your lashes to fall more often than their normal shedding rate. The lack of care of both your lashes and eyebrows is usually the main reason why they don't grow as much as they should. The key here is to take care of them between make-up and spa treatment to encourage growth.

Let your Eyebrows Grow-out

When it comes to eyebrow care, you have to give time in between your eyebrow appointments or tweezing to grow. Letting your eyebrows grow is going to be the hardest tip to follow. This is important to allow them to grow in bald areas. It is best to let them grow for 6-8 weeks to allow those empty areas to grow back unmanipulated. This means no trimming, threading waxing, or tweezing. Leave them alone! This will help train your eyebrows to grow out and in those areas needed. During this time, you can use a natural oil to help them grow or an eyebrow serum. Yes, some women have thicker hair than others but you have to remember that eyebrows don't like to be handled too often.

There are also eyebrow kits you can purchase to help you grow your lashes. Revitalash Brow Reset Kit will help you grow your brows and maintain your lashes. This kit will also keep your brow hydrated. It also comes with a Satin Eye mask to keep your eyes refreshed and safe.


Take Hair vitamins or Biotin

Taking vitamins like Biotin can give your lashes and brows a growth spurt. Biotin is great for overall hair growth and it will make your skin look great as well. Sometimes when genetics are not on your side, it is best to take Hair vitamins or biotin. Sometimes you can take them twice a week or every day as directed on the bottle. Many dermatologists recommend it and it wouldn't hurt to try. Make sure you drink lots of water when taking them.

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Castor or Coconut oil

Coconut and Castor oil have so many benefits for skin and hair. They both help will be encouraging growth for hair and they have anti-fungal properties to protect your skin. Coconut oil will keep you hydrated and condition your skin for growth. Castor oil is loaded with proteins and fatty acids to keep your hair growth well. Castor is thick so only use a little so it won't irritate. You can apply this night and day to encourage growth.

Comb your eyelashes

If you haven't started, you should begin combing your lashes. Combing your lashes will encourage them to grow in your lashes, especially in between wearing mascara. Your lashes will need some encouragement when you don't see growth. A lash comb will help keep your lashes neat and tidy. They will be less likely to fall because this will also encourage strong eyelashes.

Try a Lash serum

Lash serums will also encourage strength in your lashes. This is like a conditioner for them to keep them strong in between wearing mascara. This will also prevent you from losing your lashes throughout wearing make-up if you wear them daily. Lash serums will also have vitamins and nutrients in them to encourage growth and some thickening. I encourage anyone to buy lashes serums if they love to wear makeup. Our Babe Lash kit is a great set for your lashes.

The Babe Lash Kit has a lash serum and conditioner in the kit. It is known to keep your lashes strong and healthy. The essential serum can apply every night after you wash your face to help promote healthier lashes. After some time and you like your results, you can settle for 2-3 times a week to maintain the health. The conditioner you can apply to your lash line every morning until you are happy with your results as well.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

Be Gentle

You have to remember that your lashes and eyebrows are some of the most delicate hairs on your body. When washing and taking off makeup, please be gentle with them. Over manipulation and being too rough can cause damage to them. This is one of the main reasons why lashes fall when you take off makeup. When you use your makeup wipe, be gentle as possible and don't pull on them. If the mascara is waterproof, use oil on your lashes a bit first before wiping the mascara away. Oils are an easy trick to loosen up any tough mascara. The key here is to be very easy on your lashes and mascara when it comes to your care.

All in all, your lashes and eyebrows are the most delicate part of your body. The key here is to be gentle with them and take good care of them in between treatments. This easy eyebrow and lash care tips will be your big steps to help them grow!