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Daily Eye Care

Your eyes are the first things people look at. If you are not usually smiling with your lips, you can smile with your eyes as a warm greeting. As you age and work hard on your career, the stress will get to you in many ways. You tend not to sleep well, you get irritable, migraines, etc. As we age and work so hard, the stress shows around the eyes. If you are worried about wrinkles around the eyes, puffiness, and dark circles this is for you!

First, get some sleep

The first step to taking care of your skin and that you are to get as much sleep as you can. Getting sleep is only half the battle. When you are ready to head to bed, keep your phone away from you so you are not glued to it. Sometimes, your phone can interrupt your sleep and delay the melatonin in your body to help you go to sleep. Make sure you get at least seven to eight hours a night, if not try to take a power nap to get you through the day. When you don't get enough sleep, your body suffers in many ways.

Inadequate sleep affects your mood, immune system, and skin. This will cause puffiness around the eyes and the dark circles that will give you that "raccoon look". Your skin tends to suffer the most because it needs the most time to heal and rest. Sleep rejuvenates the cells in your body so you feel refreshed.


Along with sleep, the puffiness can be prevented dry drinking enough water in the evening as well. Try to keep a glass of water next to you on your nightstand, this will keep you and your skin hydrated throughout the night. When it comes to ingredients, try to keep caffeine, green tea, and willow herb around to help reduce the puffiness.

Osmosis Skincare Revitalizing Eye Cream


This skin care product will help reduce eye puffiness and it's gentle enough to use twice a day. This will also boost collagen production to firm the skin.

DefenAge 3D Eye Radiance Cream

Dark circles

Many things cause under-eye dark circles; lack of sleep, overexposure to the sun, allergies, iron deficiency, hyperpigmentation, etc. If you are experiencing dark circles try to rule out the cause of it by process of elimination. Make sure you are getting enough sleep every day and wear that SPF to protect your skin from the sun. If you suspect hyperpigmentation or your iron is low, it's time to see a professional get you a kick start. However, there are many products you can get to give you a start.

Biopelle Brightening Dark Circle Relief Cream

This skincare product helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and discoloration with vitamin K. It can be used twice a day to reduce the transparency in the skin. 

SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense


This product will help reduce the appearance of discoloration especially the ones that are hard to treat. This will help treat the tough forms of dark patches and post-acne scars.

Crows Feet

Crows feet appear from stress and not moisturizing your skin in your nightly routine. Don't skimp on moisturizing your skin after your nightly washing. Your gentle moisturizers is the first step to do the trick. Also keep your stress levels to a minimum because that shows in your skin. When you have days off, please take that time to relax, close your computer and ignore work emails until Monday! You deserve it!

Soon Skincare Hydrating Blueberry Hydrogel Eye Patch


These Koren eye patches will help cure all your eye care problems. It's best to do it after washing to combat crow's feet, puffiness, and dark circles. This is perfect if you are busy and don't get enough sleep.

Soon Skincare Golden Eye 24K Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches

Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream

This product is designed for anti-aging around the eyes. This boosts elasticity in the skin around the eyes to reduce crow's feet. It has been approved by many dermatologists and is free of any parabens and dyes. 

Blue light reflecting glasses

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started last year, many people are safely working from home. Be sure to get Blue light reflecting glasses as blue light can affect the skin around your eyes. This is is important for those who work remotely because you will be on your company computers for at least seven hours a day. The blue light will strain your eyes and eventually your skin.

Brightening eye creams

Brightening creams should be in your arsenal. Brightening creams will keep the dark circles at bay. They can be used either in the AM or PM. Just to make sure to use it mainly in your evening routine to prevent dark circles or brighten your look. These creams tend to have ingredients like retinol to help renew your skin.

SkinCeuticals Eye Cream

This skincare product should be your bestie. It does many things in one product. This Eye cream helps battle against puffiness, dark circles, and lost elasticity.

Get some eye masks

Under-eye, masks are great to keep in your weekly routine. You only need to do those once or twice a week if needed. Under eye masks are meant to give you extra love if you are sleep-deprived and overworked. They can also de-puff and minimize wrinkles and dark circles. Consider these few eye masks to help you look and feel refreshed like you had a good night's sleep.

SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Mask 

As we get older and work hard, eye skincare will always be a concern. During your skincare routine, be sure to pay close attention to your eyes. If you see any discoloration or puffiness, be sure you tend to it promptly. During your work week, find time to get a good night's sleep or a nap during the day. Sleep is so important to your skincare routine. When you don't get enough sleep, it shows in your skin. That will be hard to hide if you don't do any self-care. The key is to focus on your eyes during your AM and PM skincare routine.