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How to Get Longer Eyelashes

Can you get longer eyelashes naturally? Yes, and you can do it without smearing Vaseline all over your eyelashes. Instead, you can get longer eyelashes by using lash growth serums and other tricks that produce long-lasting results. 

3 Ways to Extend Your Eyelashes

Use these three tips to improve your eyelash length. 

1. Invest in Lash Serum

The most effective way to lengthen your lashes is to buy a lash growth serum with active ingredients like bimatoprost, which is proven to increase lash length. Speak to a dermatologist to ensure you get a serum that matches your unique skin concerns. 

A dermatologist can also help you sort through serums without clinical research behind them. Descriptions such as "proprietary peptides" and "natural extracts" could indicate a quality product, but research first so that you feel confident the serum is safe. 

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2. Stop Eyelash Breakage

Breakage is one reason your eyelashes may seem short. Reducing breakage can help your lashes reach new lengths. Make sure you use mascara you can remove easily, and avoid pushing down hard when you take off your makeup. Steer clear of waterproof formulas, which can be harder to get off, and use a gentle makeup remover to help reduce damage.

You can also avoid curling your eyelashes to help with growth. While eyelash curlers make your eyelashes look elongated, they can damage new-growth lashes. 

3. Use Coconut or Castor Oil

If you want to try a natural growth instigator, coconut and castor oil offer excellent hydration that can prevent your lashes from breaking. They heal the damage caused by wearing too much mascara and brittleness. Gently applying a bit of the oil before you go to bed should also increase your eyelash luster and make them look longer. 

The best part about this method is that castor and coconut oils are all-natural. They are easy to find at stores and apply at home. 

Find a Lash Growth Serum You Will Love

Discovering the right lash growth serum can make a huge difference in your confidence and lash length. Invest in a product from Exclusive Beauty Club, where we only stock the highest medical-grade products recommended by professionals. Look through our selection to learn more and restore your lashes with ECB.