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Tips for Textured Skin

Textured skin on your face can look and feel bumpy. It disrupts your smooth complexion, and you may want to get rid of it. If you have textured skin on your face, Exclusive Beauty Club can help you learn what causes textured skin and how to remove it safely.

What Causes Textured Skin? 

Textured skin has many causes, including: 

  • Environmental factors, such as extended sun exposure. 
  • A buildup of dead skin cells, which can happen naturally or because you fail to remove them. 
  • Aging, which is part of the body's natural process and can prompt impactful hormonal changes.

How to Get Rid of Textured Skin

Now that you know what causes textured skin, you can learn how to smooth the skin texture on your face. You can address or reverse most of these factors at home. 

1. Change Your Diet

A healthy diet can create a better microbiome for your skin, boost your overall health, and help your textured skin disappear. Add nutrients to your diet rather than subtracting them. Some choices include: 

  • Fish: The omega-3 fatty acids in fish help your skin become radiant. 
  • Berries and brightly colored veggies: Adding antioxidants to your diet will increase your ability to ward off free radicals, which can damage the skin. 
  • Citrus and kiwis: Adding anything with high levels of Vitamin C also repairs skin damage from free radicals.
  • Dairy and poultry products: The zinc in meat and dairy optimizes your skin's health. 


2. Exfoliate Two to Three Times Weekly

Getting rid of dead skin eliminates the buildup that leads to textured skin. You can consider a chemical exfoliant peel if you want a deeper cleanse. Otherwise, using an over-the-counter product to remove dead skin through scrubbing will work. Be careful not to scrub too hard, which irritates bumpy skin. 

3. Find a Better Moisturizer

Textured skin can disappear when you apply the right moisturizer. Hydrated skin won't become dry and flaky. Choose a moisturizer that has alpha or beta hydroxy acid as well as a retinoid and a growth factor. Apply moisturizer to damp skin soon after you wash your face. 

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Why Choose Exclusive Beauty Club?

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