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How Does NuFACE Work?

As we age, the skin on our face starts to get thinner, weaker, and less elastic. The results of aging of the facial skin can appear as sagging, fine lines or wrinkles, sunspots, and an uneven skin tone. Many people are looking for ways to reduce these signs of aging and restore their skin to its former glory.

With recent technological advancements, improving the appearance of your skin at home is possible. NuFACE is a device that promises to bring back your natural glow and youthful appearance. Learn how the NuFACE device works and how it can benefit your skin.

What Does NuFACE Do?

The NuFACE device is a handheld at-home device that utilizes microcurrent technology. Using the device delivers microcurrents to the face, encouraging collagen and elastin production. Collagen is an abundant protein in that body responsible for improving many parts of the body, including tendons, ligaments, and the skin. Collagen keeps the skin from sagging and assists with hydration, keeping it looking plump and youthful.

Elastin is another protein in the body that maintains the elasticity of tissues in the body, including the skin. Elasticity is essential in maintaining a youthful appearance and preventing skin sagging that happens with age. NuFACE stimulates the production of both of these proteins, providing numerous skin benefits.

Microcurrent therapy also works by restoring the electromagnetic field where the treatment is targeted, allowing injuries to heal themselves and prevent further damage. When microcurrent therapy targets the face, it can repair the skin and promote a healthier appearance. To receive long-lasting benefits, users must use NuFACE consistently and correctly according to manufacturer instructions. When used correctly, NuFACE can:

  • Brighten your skin tone
  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines
  • Contour the facial muscles and sculpt the cheekbones
  • Tone the skin
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Improve circulation

NuFACE can improve the appearance of your skin almost immediately, and with consistent use, the benefits can last a long time. However, it's important to remember that our skin will start to show the signs of aging as we get older. The NuFACE device works best as a method of prevention and maintenance. While this device has many benefits, it can't replace in-office dermatology treatments or surgeries for more serious complications.

Is NuFACE Effective?

The NuFACE device glides across the face, engaging the muscles beneath your skin. NuFACE works by utilizing microcurrent technology. Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive therapy that requires no injections, is painless, and has no recovery time. This type of therapy works by sending out a low voltage current similar to the electrical currents produced naturally in the body.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved microcurrent therapy to treat Bell's palsy and muscle paralysis. It has also been used in physical therapy to treat pain and improve facial paralysis caused by various conditions.

Since then, dermatologists have noticed the benefits of microcurrent therapy to improve the appearance of the skin. After decades of use, microcurrent therapy has been proven to be effective and safe for treating various conditions.

As you use NuFACE, its microcurrent will work out the muscles in the face. Unlike the rest of the body, the muscles in the face are directly connected to the skin, so the device works out these muscles to create a more lifted appearance.

Many people wonder if NuFACE can deliver on its promises of a toned and more youthful appearance. Since microcurrent therapy has been around for decades, plenty of research has been conducted on its effectiveness in treating chronic conditions and improving the signs of aging.

One study found that microcurrent therapy effectively treats musculoskeletal pain caused by various medical conditions. Another study found that microcurrent therapy can help improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, with results lasting for at least a month after treatment. These results can last even longer with ongoing treatments, whether you're seeking professional treatment or using NuFACE at home.

Professional vs. At-Home Use

The NuFACE device allows you to benefit from microcurrent therapy at home rather than visiting a professional dermatologist. However, there are some key differences in the process and the results when you go in for professional microcurrent therapy versus doing it yourself.

Professional Microcurrent Therapy

When you schedule a professional microcurrent treatment appointment, it will start as a regular facial. Depending on your skin's needs, you may undergo additional treatments during your session, such as LED therapy, to get the best professional results.

Before microcurrent therapy begins, a professional will apply a water-based conductive gel to the skin. This is the same kind of gel used in other medical practices, such as ultrasounds. The conductive gel will protect the skin from zapping and allow the tools to glide smoothly across the face.

At a professional clinic, your dermatologist will use wands to deliver a precise dose of energy to the skin based on your skin's needs. The conductive gel will help safely deliver the electrical current from the wands to the facial muscles, making the treatment more comfortable. Many people describe feeling a slight tingling sensation but often find it more relaxing than uncomfortable. If you're looking for serious toning results, seeing a professional might be the best option.

At-Home Microcurrent Therapy

The devices you can use at home, such as NuFACE, can deliver similar results to professional tools. These devices can be very effective but aren't quite as powerful as professional-grade devices. That's why devices like NuFACE are best for maintenance and prevention rather than serious toning.

If you're looking to get the best results at home, consistency is key. Ensure you're completing the treatments according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and ask your dermatologist if you have any questions, concerns or doubts.

Like professional treatment, you'll receive a gel to apply to your face. This gel will help protect your skin and allow the electrical current to spread the benefits to your skin and facial muscles. You should be able to see the short-term effects immediately, but for the best toning results, frequent treatment is necessary.

For both professional and at-home treatments, microcurrent therapy doesn't stop the aging of the skin. These treatments slow down the process, keeping your skin looking radiant and youthful for as long as possible.

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