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Transition Your Skin From Winter to Spring by EBC PA ~ Amy

As seasons change, often our skin does too. It's important to listen to your skin's needs and understand that they may change as the weather warms. For most areas of the country the cold dry air is going to transition into warmer, more humid conditions. So what does that mean for your complexion? I want to highlight 5 things you can do to transition your skin care from Winter to Spring!


~ Adjust your moisturizer: You may find that your winter moisturizer is too heavy for your skin as the weather improves. I like to opt for a lighter moisturizer during the Spring and Summer months when the air is less dry.


~ Add a hyaluronic acid: I did a long post on Instagram on why this popular ingredient isn't for everyone, especially in the winter. But in the humid months it's a great addition to your routine. Otherwise you can trust that adding this serum under your moisturizer in your Spring/Summer routine is going to help hydrate and plump the skin!



~ Add your Retinoid back: If you're unable to tolerate your retinoid in the winter time; it's time to re-incorporate it into your regimen! As always I recommend using it as your last step at night on top of your moisturizer. Even just using this star ingredient 6 months out of the year will be SO beneficial to your skin in the longterm! *Retinoids should not be used if pregnant or breastfeeding.



~ Use a chemical exfoliant: You may notice that as the humidity increases, your pores may become more visible or appear clogged. Now is a great time to take advantage of AHAs and BHA to help exfoliate and unclog pores. I prefer to get my acids in the form of active cleansers which also help prep the skin for the next steps in your regimen.



~ Supplement: You'll undoubtedly be spending more time outside during the warmer months so it's important to have an extra level of protection especially is you suffer from any pigmentation disorders or "sun spots". Heliocare contains an antioxidant made from fern extract and can help provide an extra level of sun protection, but should never replace your sunscreen. Take one 30 minutes before you plan to be outside!



Now you're equipped with everything you need to amp up your skin care regimen for warmer weather. And I would be remiss if I didn't remind you to WEAR YOUR SPF!

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Written by: Amy Michaels Koberling

@the_skinthusiast on Instagram