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Inexpensive & Effective: Top Beauty Picks for the Budget-Conscious

Who says getting glowing, gorgeous skin has to cost you your whole paycheck? Armed with the right knowledge about your skin type, shopping for inexpensive yet effective skincare can be a breeze. 

“While a few high-quality products may be worth investing in, you can get away with much less expensive products for most of your everyday skincare needs,” says board-certified dermatologist and researcher Dr. Leslie Baumann. “More important than spending a lot on your skincare is choosing the right products for your Baumann Skin Type.”

All skin types can benefit from a basic four-step skincare routine, consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer, treatment product, and sunscreen. We’ve rounded up our top picks of affordable but powerful products in each category. 


Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water by Bioderma is an excellent pick for sensitive skin. Priced under under $10 for an 8.33 fl. oz. bottle, this product is a three-in-one cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer to really help you get the most bang for your beauty buck. Micelles – tiny molecules with attached fatty acid esters  – trap dirt, makeup, and other impurities on your skin, whisking them away without disrupting the delicate balance of your skin’s microbiome. 

Ingredients like apple seed extract, cucumber extract, and glycerin draw water to the surface of your skin, imparting a smooth touch of natural moisture.


Chock-full of essential fatty acids and vitamins, Lait Crème Concentrate by Embryolisse is a rich, luxurious moisturizing and nourishing cream that’s been a fan favorite for years. Not only does this product leave your skin looking and feeling soft and radiant, but it also serves as an effective makeup primer, beauty mask, and post-shaving skin soothing treatment. For under $30, this powerhouse product goes to work for your skin!

Treatment Product

Anti-aging, brightening, and eye products can be pricey, but the truth is, you don’t need to spend hundreds to get a good-quality product that actually works. For an uneven or dull skin tone, we love GlamGlow's FlashMud Brightening Treatment. This brightening complex combines natural ingredients such as white birch leaf, rosemary leaf extract, white lily bulb extract, and more to create a brighter, more balanced skin tone without the use of harsh ingredients.

Clogged pores got you down? Try GlamGlow's SuperMud Clearing Treatment instead. These complexes cost under $60, and a little goes a long way when it comes to treating your main skin concerns. 


No skincare routine would be complete without a great sunscreen. If you struggle to find a sunscreen that’s non-greasy and gentle on your skin, you’re in luck! Beloved skincare brand LaRoche-Posay has created its Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk just for this purpose. And the best part? It costs less than $40 for a five-ounce tube, so you never have to leave home without it.

Putting together a bomb-dot-com beauty regimen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Start by choosing one product in each of the categories listed above that suits your skin type and needs. 

The entire skincare regimen listed above costs just $130 – that’s less than some singular anti-aging treatments on the market! We believe in high-quality beauty for all – no matter your budget.


Author: Gabrielle Pastorek