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How to Keep Large Pores to a minimum

Large pores can be so unsightly and it's such a pickle to get rid of them. However, your pores do you a favor. Without your pores, your body would over the head when you work out and you wouldn't have that natural glow to your skin on a daily. They are there to give your skin that natural moisture. Pores are usually the main concern for the skincare industry. Everyone wants to keep their pores nonexistent as much as possible. Large pores are embarrassing for people to look at because you can see them from far away. However, pores say a lot about you and your skincare regimens so be mindful to take care of them.

What is the purpose of pores?

The purpose of pores is to naturally moisturize your skin because it produces oils daily. There are two types of pores; oil and sweat pores. Sweat pores keep the body cool and regulate your temperature so you don't overheat when working out. Oil pores produce oils that are called sebum. This is what keeps the skin happy and healthy-looking.

What do pores say about your health or skin routine?

Your pores will tell you what your skin needs if you pay attention. If your pores are clogged, you will see more acne and redness on your skin. Clogged pores can come in the form of black or whiteheads as well. It's because your pores are not clean. It is also due to a poor diet. Eating greasy or high-fatty foods can clog up your pores as well. You'd be surprised what food does to your skin.

How to get rid of large pores?

First things first, you want to give your skin a clean slate. Large pores are a sign of poor hygiene. It is best to cleanse your pores to rid of any dirt or bacteria. Your pores are exposed to bacteria every day because of the environment or just you touching your face. Just imagine how much bacteria is on your hands every day! You are also exposed to dust and pollutants from the environment every day. It is best to wash twice a day to get better results for your skin. Cleansing is the first step to getting rid of those large pores.

Clogged pores can also be one of the main culprits to large pores as oils and dirt cause pores to enlarge. Exfoliating would also be a good step towards your skincare routine because it will cleanse and buffer any debris that can be clogging your pores. The key here is to make sure your skin is thoroughly clean daily. Cleaning is the first step to tiny pores and to success.

Use Clay Masks

Clay masks should be in your arsenal when you have large pores or just in your skincare routine in general. After cleansing your pores, clay masks have bentonite or kaolin to help draw out any stubborn dirt or oils that could be lying dormant in your skin. This is especially good for those who have oily skin. You don't need to use a clay mask very often, just keep it once a week. This will give your skin a fresh tight feel, minimizing all of your large pores. Trust me, once you keep this in your weekly routine, your pores will thank you for it. Here are some product faves.

SkinCeutical Clarifying Clay Masque - This clay mask is designed to deeply cleanse the skin. It is made with bentonite and kaolin that soothes the skin.


Derma Topix Clay Mint Mask - This clay mask draws out impurities from the skin and helps minimizes pores. This also shrinks and dries up blackheads to clear your skin!

Wear that SPF

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, you must wear spf when you are out and about in the sun. Constant sun exposure can stress out the skin and make your pores stretch to produce more oil. The reason why your pores are stretching is to protect you from further damage. Your pores want to make more oils because of sun exposure. Wearing SPF or sunscreen will help minimize that. SPF is designed to protect your skin from harmful UV rays so your skin won't have too much work to protect itself. 

Yes, you need sunscreen for winter as well. Believe it or not, sun exposure in the winter is just as dangerous for your skin like it is in the summer months. It doesn't have to be hot for your skin to be in danger. If you haven't done so, please incorporate SPF into your skincare routine. Here are some SPF favs from us!

MDSolarSciences Creme SPF 50 - This is a good stable you want to have in your arsenal. This SPF will give you the skincare you need to protect your skin from UV rays.

PCA Skin Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 - This will offer you a broad spectrum of protection from UV rays. It will also help prevent aging and harm to your skin from UV rays.

Moisturize Daily 

Moisturizing your skin regularly will help minimize the size of your pores. This way, your pores won't have to work double-time to produce oil to prevent dry skin. Massaging the moisturize into your skin can stimulate blood flow and promote healthy skin. Moisturizers that have vitamin C and retinol in it will promote healthy tight looking skin.

The key to combating large pores is to stick to your skincare routine and hygiene. Always keep your skin clean a daily twice and protect your skin from the sun. If you see any black or whiteheads, please take care of those promptly as it will enlarge your pores. Grab a couple of your favorite clay masks to do every week to give a kick to those large pores. Sometimes, it does have to do with age and genetics as well but we can do is our best to keep our skin in tip-top shape!

SENTE Ultralight Defense Moisturizer - This product is designed to be long lasting and keep your skin supple throughout the day. It also protects from environmental stressors.

 Avene Hydrance Rich - This moisturizer is designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. This is also long-lasting and is ideal for anyone who has dry skin.



ClarityRx Feel Better - This cream will give the skin a comfortable soft feel after application. It is also designed to tighten fine lines and give you that last luster look you are looking for. 

Pores are very sensitive to everything. You must do your best to get better and keep your skin clean to keep large pores to a minimum. Polish your skincare routine if large pores are appearing on your skin. Your skin will be very happy with you!