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Complete your Skin Care Routine with Niacinamide

What is Niacinamide?  

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3, which is essential for your skin, kidneys, and brain function. Deficiency with this vitamin can lead to disorders in those areas. However, this is more than a nutrient this can help treat certain skin conditions like acne and eczema. There is a lot of buzz about Niacinamide and consumers are loving it because it is doing so well for many. Dermatologists are even recommending to their patients because of its many benefits. Of course, this will need more research for the skincare industry. This ingredient sure does have benefits for your skincare regimen.  

What can it do for your skin?  

This vitamin has many benefits for your skin and body inside and out. Niacinamide can boost your immunity and keep your body overall healthy. This vitamin is known for minimizing redness and blotches in your skin that are caused by eczema or acne. This is great for anyone who has acne prone skin or even hormonal breakouts as well. It can minimize the appearance of your pores as it keeps your skin smooth. In addition to this, this will keep your skin well moisturized.  

Niacinamide can rebuild healthy skin while also protect from the sun. Many SPF products have this ingredient to further protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. In some research, this ingredient is found helpful in lightening dark spots. This will lead to minimizing fine lines and aging. It is known to help treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties and improve the overall look of the skin. With this ingredient, it's hard to go wrong with it, there is almost a solution for every skincare problem that you may have.  

What is it found in?  

It is usually found in serums to either moisturize or brighten your skin. Niacinamide added in serums also aid problem or dry skin before adding your moisturizer. It is also found in moisturizers to aid in dry skin and slow down your aging. Since it does have some protective properties from the sun, it is found in SPF products like serums or sunscreen. The better the protection the better for your skin.  

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This serum is great to use daily for anti-aging and to brighten your skin as well. It has antioxidants and Niacinamide to help minimize aging, in addition to that it will give your skin that glow you need. It is perfect for all skin types and is gentle enough to be used twice a day. It has just enough Niacinamide in it for your skin to get the nutrients you need.  

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PCA Skin Vitamin B3 Brightening Serum

How can I get started with it?  

Niacinamide is usually added to skincare products like serums to add moisture after cleaning your skin. You can either add topical Niacinamide or get skincare products that contain this ingredient. It is usually found in serums or moisturizers. It is suggested to use it gradually to make sure your skin is not irritated by it and then begin using it regularly once you have become accustomed. If you are still unsure about it, it is advised to see your dermatologist if you have any questions. However, this ingredient is not known for doing major harm to anyone, if anything it will be a very mild irritation if you are allergic. It won't hurt to give it try!  

Can it be used with other skincare ingredients?  

Yes, it is compatible with many skincare ingredients like retinol. Since it has a lot of anti-inflammatory skincare products. It will help combat acne which is perfect for problem skin. You will skin your skincare results a lot quicker if it's paired with retinol. It is very easy to add it to your skincare routine because it is not known to give too much irritation to the skin since it is used in small dosages in skincare products. It is a great way to strengthen your skin barriers to give you a healthier glow.  

It can increase the anti-properties of your skincare products. Niacinamide can be combined with salicylic acid which can shrink large pores more quickly. This will dissolve any excess oil that clogs your pores. If you have oily skin, it can lead to skin irritation and clogged pores if not taken care of. If you have oily skin, combining the two would be greatly ideal. The only last ingredient that Niacinamide is combined with is hyaluronic acid, this helps fight against dry skin. This is ideal for any age who has a problem with dry skin due to a skin condition, harsh weather, or just simply not getting enough moisture.  

Dry skin, problem skin, or acne is some of the main skin problems that many have. We always have to keep those skin problems in mind when we are shopping for new skincare products. Niacinamide can benefit many and it wouldn't hurt to dry as it can alleviate many of these problems just by using only a small amount of it. Even if you just want more youthful-looking skin, this ingredient is for you. It wouldn't hurt to try!  

Does it help Brighten your skin?  

Yes, like vitamin C it has skin brightening properties as well. This is known to decrease dark spots, improve dull skin and make you look like you have gotten a good night's sleep. It's like a super ingredient that keeps on giving and we are loving it!  

In conclusion, Niacinamide is a good ingredient to try and slowly add to your skincare routine. You can start small and just purchase serums that contain it for a small start. You will begin to notice the small difference in the appearance of your skin. Even though there is still more research to be done, this ingredient doesn't hurt anyone. It has been used in many skincare products to help improve the appearance of; aging, dull, acne-prone skin. And oily skin. It can help you in so many ways. Try it out and your skin will thank you for it! It won't hurt your skin care routine one bit!