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Worthy Goods ~ A New Boutique Line Of Hand Sanitizers

Hello EBC beauties! I wanted to share something really exciting with all of you: my company Worthy Goods is partnering with Exclusive Beauty Club!
I started my business in the middle of the COVID quarantine. I have been making alcohol-based hand sanitizers as gifts for close friends and family for a few years and decided to work with my incredible business partner, Katie, who started Worthy Goods because she wanted natural beauty and lifestyle products that would be safe to use in pregnancy.
What came out of this beautiful collaboration was a collection of lifestyle products that centered around a boutique line of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Our tagline is, "You are Worthy", because we believe in empowering our consumers to believe in their individuality, uniqueness, and inherent worth, that starts with self-love and self-care.
Since hand hygiene is now such an integral part of the new normal, we wanted to create an experience that transcends the utilitarian and functional aspect of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. We wanted it to be a pleasurable, mindful experience that you not only enjoy, but you want to keep coming back to.
We have four unique signature scents:
EPICENE: Our OG scent brings heady, aromatic tones of the sensual tropical flower, Ilang-Ilang. This addictive, androgynous scent will make you want to spray it all over, leaving your skin feeling velvety.
LIKE A VIRGIN: Fun, floral, and feminine. This soft and pretty scent will take you back to your age of innocence...white wedding dress optional! Ends with a delicate, petally finish on your skin.
SPORTY SPICE: For the exotic girl next door, who is both feminine yet low-maintenance. Clean, no-nonsense, with predominant notes of jasmine and citrus, this ends with a silky finish on your hands.
A-PUR-ALL SPRITZ: The perfect accompaniment to a warm summer day. This unique combination of sparkling citrus and oriental notes evokes all-over luxury without breaking the bank or drying your hands.
Our alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 80% alcohol by volume, but our proprietary blend of botanicals leave your skin feeling smooth and silky after application. Our multi-purpose hand sanitizer can be used as a way to disinfect your hands throughout the day or to freshen your face mask. It is safe to deodorize your hair and clothing as well.
We are a female-owned company rooted in delivering luxury lifestyle products to the discerning consumer who values quality and efficacy. We believe in the importance of self-care, empowerment, and improving our community. We harness the power of mother nature by using proven botanicals and sourcing only the finest ingredients.
You deserve the best. You deserve it all. Because after all, at the end of the day...
Written by: Paula Purpera. Paula is a Dermatology PA at Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology
IG: @paulasperfectpout