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Amy’s Favorites From ClarityRx

Every once in awhile a new brand comes along that I really love! I knew pretty quickly after trying my first ClarityRx product that I was a fan! So, I wanted to bring you 5 of my favorites from the line and why I use each

ClarityRx Cold Compress Mask:

I love to keep this cooling gel mask in my refrigerator to reach for when I am looking for that extra soothing sensation. With aloe vera, cucumber and chamomile, this is a mask I opt for when my skin feels like it probably can't handle anything too active at the moment. It feels calming and leaves my skin with a plump but clean feeling. I follow it with a barrier repair moisturizer for my dry skin since it's a gel mask! At under $30, this is a reasonable addition to your skin care shelf.

ClarityRx Daily Dose of Water: 

Hyaluronic acid is a useful step in your regimen (especially if you have oily skin) to provide an immediate plumping effect and temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines. This hyaluronic acid serum is a beautiful consistency and the packaging is shelfie-worthy. HA is known for it’s water-binding capacity and pulls water into itself from the surrounding environment with the most moisture content. It’s best used on oily types or in conjunction with an emollient moisturizer or outside on a humid day if you’re dry!

Clarity Rx Nourish Your Skin:

This delicious serum is 100% squalane oil. Squalane, a component of squalEne, is a buzzy skin care ingredient as of late. SqualEne is naturally present in your own sebum and acts to help soften the outer layer of dead skin cells. Because squalAne is a hydrogenated form, it is more stable and therefore preferred in skin care formulations. It has also been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity and works as a great emollient. I prefer this oil for dry types. It is not a common allergen and therefore relatively safe for sensitive types. I use this in addition to, not in place of, my barrier repair moisturizer when I’m feeling extra dry like when I went a little heavy handed with at-home peel products. Whoops.

ClarityRx Good To Go 

I’ve mentioned these multi-use wipes before. This convenient Vitamin C product is always present in my house as I try to bribe my husband into using good skin care. They are great for travel, the skin care minimalist or for an efficient men’s routine.

Clarity Rx Feel Better: 

Another hyaluronic acid product, this one is even better for dry skin types because of the added emollient and occlusive properties to prevent water loss from the surface of the skin. I love the way my skin feels after applying this one! The humectant HA plumps the skin while emollients like squalane soften the outer dead layer of skin and jojoba oil’s occlusive properties seal everything in!

There you have it my 5 favorite products from ClarityRx all available on EBC!