Legal Notice and Logo Archive

Important Notice: Protecting Our Brand and Customers

We have recently become aware that some individuals are attempting to impersonate our brand by using outdated logos and branding materials that no longer represent our company. To safeguard our customers and uphold the integrity of our brand, we are taking the following steps:

  1. Official Claim of Ownership: We assert our ownership of all logos, trademarks, and branding materials, including those that are no longer in active use. These assets remain our exclusive property and are protected under intellectual property laws.

  2. Warning Against Unauthorized Use: Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of our logos and branding materials is strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken against individuals or entities found to be infringing on our intellectual property rights.

Archive of Old Logos

Below is a collection of our previous logos. These logos are no longer in use but remain protected under our intellectual property rights. Any use of these logos without our explicit permission is illegal and subject to legal action.


How to Verify Authenticity

To ensure you are visiting our genuine website and not a fraudulent copy, please check the following:

  1. Website URL: Always verify that you are on our official website by checking the URL. Our official website address is [your website URL].

  2. Contact Information: Our official contact information is listed on our website. If you receive any communication that appears suspicious, please contact us directly through the contact details provided on our website.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you encounter any websites, communications, or individuals claiming to represent our brand using outdated logos or other unauthorized materials, please report this to us immediately at [your contact email or phone number].

Thank you for your vigilance and support in protecting our brand and ensuring a safe and trustworthy experience for all our customers.