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Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

Summer is almost here! Sunscreen is filling the shelves at stores as we are prepping for summer. Since we have been inside all winter, the urge to go outside this summer will be vital. However, the concern about the sun is still there. It is essential to stay committed to keep your skin safe from the sun, especially if you have hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a primary concern for the summer because it can be more apparent. First, let us focus on what hyperpigmentation is specifically.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentations are dark spots or skin discoloration caused by sun exposure. The skin discoloration that occurs is where inflammation has occurred prior. It is also called age spots or dark spots. The great thing about hyperpigmentation is that it is not permanent, but it can last long periods if not treated promptly or taken care of before the event. The over-production of excess melanin in the skin creates dark spots or hyperpigmentation from exposure to the sun.

What are ways to prevent it?

There are many ways to prevent hyperpigmentation or at least keep it at bay. The first crucial step to hyperpigmentation is to prep for the sun. This step is vital if you are out in the sun most of the workday or working out in the sun. The first obvious step is to grab some SPF or sunscreen before going outside. SPF should be applied for around 15 or 30 minutes every few hours to prevent damage from the sun rays that can irritate the skin. This step will help prevent overexposure to the sun. SPF protects the skin from UV rays while the skin is exposed. As women, we have to worry about the exposed skin as we wear fewer articles of clothing during the summer.


You have to remember before going out to put on SPF on any exposed skin. This includes the neck, shoulders, arms, or legs. Please do not forget your back! It is also best to wear protective clothing like sun hats or sunglasses to give you further protection from the sun. In some cases, you can use an umbrella on blazing hot days if needed. It is best to limit sun exposure as much as possible. That is the key.

There are some skincare products you can purchase that you should add to your skincare routine. It is essential to take preventative measures when it comes to hyperpigmentation.

New Arrival - StriVectin Super-C SPF 30 Vitamin C Moisturizer

It’s your daily SPF and your skin-transforming moisturizer, in one. This non-greasy, cast-free formula brightens & reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone with a potent, stabilized form of Vitamin C (THD Ascorbate) while protecting skin from new signs of aging and sun damage with Broad Spectrum SPF. Infused with French Kumquat, a superfruit source of natural Vitamin C, to deliver an energizing burst of radiance. Formulated without Oxybenzone & Octinoxate.

SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense

It is a layerable, daily-use dark spot corrector clinically proven to reduce the appearance of key types of skin discoloration, including hard-to-treat forms such as stubborn brown patches and post-acne marks.

Obagi-C Fx C-Clarifying Serum

This skincare product combines Vitamin C and Arbutin to promote rejuvenation to improve the appearance of your skin. Arbutin is a natural skin lighter that stops pigment from forming beneath the skin which prevents hyperpigmentation. You can use this product after cleansing and before you put on your moisturizing cream.

Neocutis Reactive + Anti-Oxidant Serum + Broad Spectrum SPF 4

This SPF is at level 45 so it will give you advanced protection from the sun. This will protect you against skin aging such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It helps to provide the first line of defense from UV rays and against oxidative stress.

SENTE Intensive Bio Complete Cream


It's a PM retinol cream that improved the appearance of the skin and can combat aging. This fades fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. This skincare product also helps reduce hyperpigmentation. You will notice a difference in your skin in as little as 2 weeks.

What can you do about the damage?

When damage is present, it is still best to protect the skin with SPF as much as possible to prevent further damage. It is best to see a dermatologist or an esthetician for advice about your skin. They can help you with all of your skincare questions or medical concerns. Dermatologists can give treatments and run diagnostics best suited for your skin to help lighten those dark spots. This step is highly recommended to give the best advice for your skin type and skincare needs. Trying any lightning or bleaching creams before consulting with a professional is not recommended.


However, what you can do is obtain products packed with vitamin C, E, and A to help get your skin to the peak of health. If you are unsure, you can make sure the product is clinically proven to improve the skin. Be mindful of what skincare products that you use. Make sure these products do not cause burning or stinging of any kind. Try not to irritate the skin any further.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem. However, will lots of love and care, you will prevent it and take care of it. Do not tan if you are prone to hyperpigmentation and keep your skin safe from the sun. Remember to keep SPF handy with you at all times this summer. SPF should be in your skincare routine every day. The key here is to protect your skin and do not stay in the sun for too long.