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How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine for Fall

September brings more than just pumpkin spice lattes and fall décor at Home Goods. It also brings cool, dry weather that can create some changes for our skin. Our dewy, hydrated summer complexion will likely give way to a more dehydrated and possibly dull-appearing one.

Here are a few ways to adjust your skin care regimen for Fall so your skin maintains that youthful glow!

1. Opt for a heavier moisturizer. Unless you have very oily skin, the light, gel moisturizers often used in summertime will need to be traded in for a more moisturizing formulation. Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is incredibly important to ward off irritation and breakouts and maintain an even glow. Using the right moisturizer can also diminish the appearance of wrinkles. These are just a few of my favorite moisturizers for cooler weather.

2. Don’t over-use Hyaluronic Acid. Many times consumers see hyaluronic acid and immediately think: “hydrating”. While it’s true that in the right environment, in the right formulation, HA CAN increase the skin’s hydration, it can also dehydrate the skin if conditions aren’t optimal (like dry fall air). So, if you’re using a plain HA serum, keep it in your summer regimen, only! If you love HA for your skin, the following serums are great for winter as they have added occlusives and emollients to prevent dehydration! Use your moisturizer after to really lock in hydration!

 3. Use cleansers made for dry skin. If you’ve been using a gel cleanser with active ingredients to help mitigate any clogging from summer sweat and sunscreen, it may be time to switch to a creamy, milky cleanser for fall. For those with dry skin, choosing a cleanser with a milky or creamy formulation will prevent stripping of the very important skin barrier and can even deposit barrier-supporting lipids onto the skin. Here are a few moisturizing and gentle creamy cleansers that I love for my dry patients:

4. Don’t skip the SPF. The sun’s damaging UV rays penetrate clouds and windows. That means even in cool our cloudy weather (or inside) it’s important to protect your skin. UV light from the sun is the number one cause of external aging. A daily sunscreen is absolutely crucial! Here are some of my top favorite moisturizing facial sunscreen choices.


Written by: Amy is a Cosmetic Dermatology PA and skin care enthusiast living and practicing in Miami, FL. To connect with her or to see her in office or virtually for a consultation, contact her via her instagram @the_skinthusiast