ClarityRx Nourish Your Skin

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ClarityRx Nourish Your Skin - 100% Squalane Moisturizing Oil

This pure dose of Squalane Oil is a quick-absorbing oil that penetrates deeply to promote healing, hydration and protection. The refined oil enhances your skin’s ability to shield itself from harsh environmental aggressors, while also increasing oxygen flow into the skin. With continued use, you will discover smoother skin, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines and a glowing appearance.

The oil-based lubricators are designed to provide pliability to the skin cells, prevents dehydration, locks in the skin’s natural moisture content and provide a smooth finish to the skin. These formulas are free of heavy waxes and oils.
Apply a thin layer after Daily Dose of Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum or at any time to provide extra moisture to the skin. Use morning and night.
100% Squalane Oil

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