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ClarityRx Brighten It 10% Lactic Acid Solution

Lactic acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from milk, is known for its mild exfoliation abilities. It can gently break up pre-existing stained skin cells on the surface of the skin which appear discolored. It is also tyrosine inhibitor which slows down the skin’s ability to produce melanin (color). Working effectively from the outside in to improve uneven skin tones for all skin types and skin color.

ClarityRx acid-based correctors are highly concentrated acids that are designed to create dramatic changes in the skin. These are recommended to be used twice weekly in the evenings for best results. Always be sure to use our SkinDefense SPF 30 when using our acids.
Used as a night time corrector. Apply directly to clean skin. Allow to dry thoroughly. For faster results, apply a thin layer of Let There Be Light Brightening Serum. Allow to dry and follow up with the appropriate moisturizer. If you experience any redness or irritation, cut back use to every other day until tolerance is developed for daily use.
Purified Water, Lactic Acid.

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