Agent Nateur: Targeted Skincare Safe For Pregnant Women and Sensitive Skin

One Woman, One Mission

Jena, the founder of Agent Nateur, was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis at the young age of 23. Determined to understand and address the root causes of her chronic conditions, she embarked on a journey that included five surgeries, years of pain and discomfort, and numerous differing medical opinions. Unsatisfied with conventional treatments, Jena sought alternative healing modalities and, with the guidance of vetted professionals, began educating herself on natural medicines and remedies.

What started as a last resort became the solution to her health concerns, and Jena realized the importance of sharing her discoveries with the world. This led to the creation of Agent Nateur's flagship product, the holi(stick) deodorant, which was formulated using natural ingredients.

Since then, Agent Nateur has expanded its offerings to include a line of luxury, all-natural skincare and supplements. Agent Nateur is dedicated to creating effective and safe natural products while promoting the importance of independent thinking and research in the pursuit of well-being.

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USA Skincare Made By EU Standards

Agent Nateur takes great care in sourcing its formulations from the most reputable sources, ensuring an abundance of natural vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and oils. The brand is on a mission to set a precedent for quality in natural beauty products, offering unparalleled formulas that replenish and renew the skin without the use of chemicals or toxins. While based in the USA, Agent Nateur adheres to rigorous European Union standards in the development of its products, underscoring its commitment to delivering safe and effective natural skincare solutions with women's unique skin needs center of mind.

Agent Nateur Founder Interview: Insider Info and Tips

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Q: What is the meaning behind the name Agent Nateur?

Jena: "When I started having success in my healing journey, friends began coming to me for help with supplements and natural remedies. I joked that I was the “agent of nature”, which eventually became, Agent Nateur!"

Q: What sets Agent Nateur apart from other brands?

Jena: "The common denominator for every product is our relentless commitment to quality and clinically-proven ingredients. I formulate Agent Nateur products in the South of France and Los Angeles, focusing on ingredients that are healing, nourishing, as well as free from GMO’s, soy, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum. Our products do not disturb hormones and are safe when pregnant and breastfeeding. This quality standard is what our customer deeply trusts in and is incredibly important for me to uphold! We will continue to launch products, across categories, that serve our customer’s needs, but the efficacy and quality will never be compromised."

Q: What are the best Agent Nateur products for sensitive or dry skin?

Jena: "My own skin is dry with some redness. I focus on gentle resurfacing with ingredients like lactic acid, to renew, brighten and exfoliate the skin without dryness or irritation. This is a key ingredient in holi (lift), our treatment serum, and holi (bright), our glass skin mask. And of course, hydrating from the inside with holi (mane), an Agent Nateur best-selling collagen and pearl powder supplement, everyday without fail!"

"Also, Holi (bright), our glass resurfacing mask, will instantly calm skin and relieve redness with aloe and cucumber water. Soothing aloe vera offsets the irritation that comes with most chemical exfoliants while hydrating hyaluronic acid floods the skin with moisture."

Q: What are the best Agent Nateur products for acne-prone or oily skin?

Jena: "Acid (wash) is a secret best-seller for us and is so incredible for acne-prone skin. I also always recommend holi (crème) filter face crème. It is an oil-free, slightly mattifying moisturizer that won’t clog your pores (all while evening skin tone and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores!)."

Q: What makes Agent Nateur products safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Jena: "Our first ever product, our deodorant, is formulated without aluminum, a heavy metal that is an endocrine distruptor that can mimic estrogen. An overabundance of heavy metals in the body can directly impact the fetus and breastmilk. Our first skincare product, holi (oil), was created out of my love for retinol, and the desire to create something that was safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding that still worked on minimizing fine lines and texture. I formulated it with rosehip oil, which contains a safe derivative of vitamin A that you can use while pregnant or breast-feeding. Every single Agent Nateur product is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, however, we always recommend consulting your doctor for tailored advice!"

Q: What Agent Nateur products will you never go without?

Jena: "I truly am so proud of everything we have created. I adore Holi (water), our high-molecular weight, pearl and rose hyaluronic essence. It is such a light but deeply hydrating essence, and applying it is a lovely daily ritual, it smells incredible.

Mixed with holi (c), our dry vitamin c and calcium powder, it instantly brightens your complexion while working hard on discoloration, texture, and firmness long-term.

I am especially obsessed with our newest serum, holi (lift). It has a high concentration of lactic acid, which brightens and exfoliates in a gentle but transformative way.

Holi (mane) is our best-seller and I take it everyday without fail. I mix it into my signature matcha latte with maple syrup, ceylon cinnamon, a pinch of himalayan sea salt, and almond milk. The proof in the testimonials I receive every day on Instagram–the results are incredible when you commit to daily use. It makes your hair, nails and skin radiant.

I love our body wash and body balm. There is truly nothing out there like the scent of our body wash and the texture of our body balm–both are so unique!"

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