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Loving Tan Deluxe Body Makeup - MEDIUM

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Loving Tan Deluxe Body Makeup MEDIUM is the ultimate instant airbrush body makeup. The technologically advanced formula mimics your skins natural radiance.
Long lasting, water resistant and quick drying, this velvety lotion is perfect for all occasions. This stunning rich bronzer instantly covers any imperfections like veins, scars, stretch marks or fading tan. Easily build your colour level depending on the event. You can now create a picture perfect glow in no time at all
1. Apply to clean, dry skin in sections using your palms, working on one area of the body at a time.

2. Can be layered for a deeper colour. Allow 60 seconds to dry before dressing.

3. Wash hands after use with just soap and warm water.

4. Easily remove from body with warm soapy water and the Loving Tan Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting with your physician or skincare specialist to ensure you are choosing the right products for your skin type.

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