Kamedis Acne Kit


Combining the Kamedis Acne Face Cleanser, Acne Face Moisturizer and Ace Spot Treatment all in one convenient kit. Treatment for oily-prone skin, pimples, acne, and redness due to inflammation. 

1. Acne Face Cleanser - A powerful foaming gel that gently cleanses acne-prone skin without drying, using an oil free formula.

2. Acne Face Moisturizer - Balance sebum production, clear up oily skin and acne while preventing their recurrence.

3. Acne Spot Treatment - powerful gel treatment that is clinically proven to deliver clearer skin and reduce pimples in just 12 hours.

Use for skin symptoms associated with oily-prone skin and acne, including

- Pimples and blemishes
- Excess sebum production
- Redness due to inflammation

Free of steroids, benzoyl peroxide, SLS, paraben and dyes.
- Wet face with warm water, massage the cleanser gently into your skin in little circle motions. Rinse off and pat dry.
- Apply a moderate amount of moisturizer to your newly cleaned face in the same circular motions.
- Optional! Apply spot treatment directly on any annoying pimples that have already surfaced or any up-and-comers.

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting with your physician or skincare specialist to ensure you are choosing the right products for your skin type.

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