Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery Six-Step System (Mid-Size)

Exclusive Beauty Club

The Six-Step Facial System features the Metadermabolic Enzyme, the core of the Epicuren line. This enzyme is an elastin-collagen protein that is combined in a waterborne solution of energizing B vitamins, to create a "protein with intelligence".

This kit includes:
~ 2.5 fl oz Apricot Cream Cleanser
~ 2.5 fl oz Apricot Facial Scrub
~ 2 fl oz Skin Conditioner Enzyme Toner
~ 2 fl oz Enzyme Concentrate Vitamin Protein Complex
~ 2 fl oz Gel Plus Enzyme Protein Gel
~ 2 fl oz Facial Emulsion Enzyme Moisturizer
~ Travel Toiletry Bag

Recommended for Dry, normal, and combination skin types.

The catalytic Metadermabolic Enzyme solution communicates with the skin encouraging it to self-rejuvenate, similar to how aerobic exercise supports your metabolism.

Continued use dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin, while improving the complexion's overall radiance. Skin will appear vibrant, healthy, and more evenly toned.
Please refer to individual products for application instructions.
Please refer to individual products for a complete list of ingredients.

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