Pretty Smart: 6 Ways to Streamline Your Beauty Routine

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Less prep time, more beauty time

With a packed schedule and all of the obstacles life throws at us on a daily basis, we sometimes get sidetracked from our beauty routine (or at least the beauty routine we’d like to follow). However, it is possible to fit everything in without spending hours on your regimen. Follow these tips for flawless skin:

Follow the less is more way of thinking

Despite the fact that we live in a world where everyone is constantly craving more, it’s time to shirk the system. In reality, using too many products doesn’t guarantee healthy, radiant skin. In fact, using the wrong products, or too many of them, can hurt you in the long run. As a rule of thumb, keep it simple. This means using a few, essential products that include a gentle cleanser, a daytime moisturizer with SPF, a nighttime moisturizer, and an exfoliator (to use at least 4 times each week).

Understand your skin’s needs

We are all individuals, and our needs are all different. It is important to determine the specific needs of your skin and provide it with the nutrients and protection unique to its composition. Sun protection is a must for all skin types, but hydration and oil-free product needs vary based on your unique skin type. Be sure to properly identify your skin’s tendencies and choose products accordingly. If need be, check with your dermatologist to help identify your skin’s characteristics.

Cleanse at night, rinse in the morning

Deep cleanse at night; rinse with warm water in the morning. It’s that simple. If need be, you can also use a cleansing wipe instead of a full-on cleansing regimen in the morning.

Apply face moisturizer at night

When you apply moisturizer at night, your skin has the opportunity to maximize recovery and healing benefits as you sleep. Therefore, a moisturizer with alpha hydroxyl acids will help encourage cell turnover, and one with added hyaluronic acid will aid in retaining long-term moisture for your skin.

Moisturize in the shower

An in-shower body lotion’s quick absorbing cream speeds up your post-bathing process by giving you silky feeling skin without the time it takes to dry off before lathering up. Simply put: it makes donning your daytime wardrobe a much faster experience.

Get it together!

Let’s break it down: organize your beauty care products in a drawer or cabinet with products that are used on a daily basis. You’ll save time looking for what you need, and your daily skincare or beauty regimen will be that much easier to follow. You’ll know just where you stand on your beauty needs at all times and save yourself money while maximizing the benefits of your skincare needs in the long run.

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